Screening Media Products

Screening Materials

Woven Wire Screens

We have a comprehensive range of hi-tensile woven wire. Stock material is available for production into hooked edge screens on demand. ESS also offers a range of stainless steel woven wire material in a range of weave patterns.

Polyurethane Screens

Polyurethane screens are manufactured from high wear resistant materials and are ideal for large screen boxes. They have a lower open area compared to woven wire but a much longer life span. These screens are available in a range of apertures and slots.

Rubber Screening MaterialRubber Screens

Rubber screens are used in wet applications; they offer superior impact and abrasion resistance as well as reducing noise.

Self Cleaning Wire ScreenSelf-Cleaning Screens

Self-cleaning screens will keep blinding and clogging to a minimum and this will reduce overrun and increase production. These types of screens are used in wet and sticky conditions.

Perforated metal platePerforated Plate

Perforated material is used for a number of applications such as scalping, rock crushing and heavy screening. Perforate plate lasts longer than most other screening products. We offer made to order perforated plate, either punched or laser cut in mild steel and hardened material.

Piano wire screenPiano Wire Screens

Piano/Harp screens are mainly used in dry screening of sand, gravel, soil and other difficult materials. Engineered Screening Solutions can offer them in a range of aperture from 1-16mm.

Screening media accessoriesAccessories

Engineered Screening Solutions can offer a large range of accessories which include:

  • Capping rubber
  • Clamp bars
  • Spray nozzles
  • Skirting rubber
  • and many more

Edge Types

Our range of hook types include;

Engineered Screening Solutions Edge Types

Clamping Systems

Engineered Screening Solutions Clamping Systems


Please supply the following information when ordering;

  • Type of screening material required (hi-tensile/stainless/rubber etc.)
  • Type of material to be screened
  • Number of screens required
  • Overall dimensions of the screen mat (length & width)
  • Required mesh opening and wire diameter
  • Is the screen flat or hooked?
  • Hook type and hook dimension
  • Is an overlap required?

If ordering Perforated Plate, please also state;

  • Hole type. (round/sqaure)
  • Centres
  • Thickness
  • Margins
  • Plate size